Central High School - The Beginning

Photos by Frank and Denise Gabriele 


The Story of Central High School at Warrior Drive, Norton, VA 24273. Wise County struggled with the issue of consolidation for decades, and this discussion created a heated debate anytime the matter was addressed. In March 2011, the Wise County School Board voted to consolidated its six high schools into three high schools. 

Pound and J. J. Kelly High were closed in 2011 to form Central High School. Powell Valley High and Appalachia High were also closed in that same year to form Union High School.

The students from Pound and J. J. Kelly were housed in the old J. J. Kelly High School building the fall of 2011 and remained there for three years. The students from Appalachia and Powell Valley were housed in the old Powell Valley High School building during the fall of 2011 and remained there for three years.    
June 2011, the Board of Supervisors approved $50 million for the construction of two new high schools. The contract was awarded to S. B. Ballard and construction began in November 2011. Ribbon cutting ceremonies were held on January 6, 2014 for Union High School and January 8, 2014 for Central High School. Students entered the building for the first time January 9, 2014.  The two schools were constructed on time and under budget. Central High and Union High are identical buildings except for each school’s colors and mascot. Each building is 127,000 square feet, has an auditorium capacity of 800 seats, a gym with 1,500 seats, 40 classrooms, a modern media center, an elaborate fine arts wing, two new and fully equipped science labs, three girls’ locker rooms, three boys’ locker rooms, 6 computer labs, wireless technology throughout the building, enhanced surveillance and safety features, and a modern cafeteria. In December of 2013, both Central High School and Union High School had student enrollments of 661 students each.

The First Central High School Faculty

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