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Dr. Dan Roop

Assistant Principal:
Jason Hicks

Michelle Salyer

Emil Schenck

Graduation Requirements

Advanced Diploma – 24 credits   Standard Diploma – 22 credits 
4-English 4-English
4-Math 3-Math
4-Laboratory Science 3-Laboratory Science
4-History & Social Science   3-History & Social Science
3-Foreign Language   
2-Health/Physical Education 2-Health/Physical Education
1-FineArts or Career/Technical Education 1-FineArts or Career/Technical Education
6-electives 2-electives

AP Courses:  AP US History

Dual Enrollment Courses: Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, Calculus II, Statistics, English 111/112 (College Composition), Biology 101/102 (General Biology) and History 101/102 (Western Civilization)

*Dual enrollment is designed for juniors and seniors but freshmen and sophomore can enroll with the permission of the principal

Grading Scale:    GPA Scale:   Weighted GPA Scale:
94-100 – A 3.5-4.0 – A (4 quality points) A – 5 quality points 
86-93 – B 2.5-3.4 – B (3 quality points) B – 4 quality points
78-85 – C  1.5-2.4 – C (2 quality points) C – 3 quality points
70-77 – D 1.0-1.4 – D (1 quality point) D – 1 quality point
0-69 – F 0-0.99 – F (0 quality points)  F – 0 quality points                                     

*AP and Dual Enrolled Courses are given weighted Credit

*Cumulative GPA is figured with all courses receiving a high school credit

*Students are ranked according to GPA (weighted and non-weighted ranked together)

*Students may share a rank if they have the same GPA